Infinite Innovation! Caldic leads the industry as the first raw materials distribuitor company to launch Connected Packaging

At Cosmetorium, Caldic and Faca Packaging, in a groundbreaking project that revolutionizes the customer experience in the cosmetics industry partnered with Bloock, OKO, and CIMNE. This project focused on implementing connected packaging, an innovative technology enabling digital communication between products and consumers‘ mobile devices.

The distinctive feature of these connected packaging is their ability to provide multimedia and personalized information. Costumers can interact with images, videos, and specific documentation through their smartphones, creating a unique and enriching experience. Furthermore, the technology allows content personalization, tailoring it to individual user preferences.

Most notably, Caldic became the first ingredients company to offer connected packaging to its customers, showcasing its leadership in innovation and dedication to enhancing the customer experience. The presentation of this project at Cosmetorium underscores the significance of this technology for the cosmetics industry and highlights the strategic collaboration between Caldic and Faca Packaging in driving the industry forward.

This advancement signifies a significant step in customer interaction, setting a new standard for the cosmetic packaging industry and fostering a stronger emotional connection between brands and their customers.