Iot Packaging: NFC or QR

The NFC technology with respect to the QR, in the first place, is more resistant to cloning, since the unique identification prevents counterfeiting and can allow the authentication of the product by the owner of the brand or the client.


A new channel for marketing teams and product designers.

2 solutions :

Connected Packaging 

Why use NFC packaging ?

Integrated aesthetics

It does not affect the aesthetics of the product.

Marketing Tool

New channel where to connect with the final consumer.


Digital product certification.

Drive circularity

Integrated systems to implement refill and circularity.


Marketing Tools

Digital platform to manage the content of all connected packaging by batch, by campaign or separately

Online Store – Ecommerce

Through the packaging you can connect information with links and buy the product directly from the packaging.

Social Media – Influencers

Through Influencers this type of “Engagement” with Brands can be given visibility, connected packaging is a good ally.

Packaging by Campaign

Connected packaging can be used to promote other brand products.

Brand Loyalty

Explain with videos the use of the product, the carbon footprint of that specific product, brand information... 

Connect your packaging

Bring your mobile closer to your packaging to access your own branded content – ​​Essential Tool | branded content

It offers everyone the possibility of consulting all kinds of information (content, videos, images, url's...) everything they want at any time. Solution very easy to use and without the need to install any application.

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Digital Platform

Connect with your Platform and modify with personalized content and information

Access the Backoffice cloud to edit your landing page and customize it with buttons, text and images to achieve the desired result.

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Product authentication and certification system, using BlockChain technology, embedded in NFC or QR devices integrated into the cosmetic packaging, which in turn will facilitate a brand-client communication channel, enhancing the strategies of the marketing and product development teams.

Through this formula, the packaging can be linked to the physical store and e-commerce

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Product Life Cycle

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